At the end of November, we delivered our new ProcessPro mobile APP for the Schouw inspection of ditches in combination with WaterPro Backoffice. More than 60 mobile inspectors equipped with an iPad work with this new APP for the annual inspection of ditches.

A clean ditch prevents waterlogging. As the owner of a ditch designated by the water board, it is expected that you clean it yourself. Cleaning the ditch is therefore an obligation.

The inspection results are automatically processed in WaterPro Backoffice. This automatically results in the sending of letters to the maintenance obligors and the starting of a reinspection. All documents are automatically created and electronically sent with the help of a link to Postex to the appropriate maintenance obligors. This uses links to various basic administrations. These links were developed in collaboration with ProcessFive based on "Linked data." A progressive and innovative development.

With linked data, you create coherence in information. Linked data turns words or things into unique concepts. Each concept gains meaning as more descriptions are linked to it. This gives the content more meaning (context) and makes search results more precise (relevant).