#ProcessPro The #ProcessPro CRM module is now in production at the KIBG Foundation! #Stichting KIBG

The Foundation for Quality in Primary Mental Healthcare (KIBG) facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between progressive parties in the field of short-term generalist treatment within mental healthcare, to ensure that this care continually improves.

ProcessPro CRM was put into production in July 2021, laying the foundation for further professionalization of work processes and customer management

What is unique about this implementation is that it took place entirely digitally during the time of the Corona pandemic. A motivated project team of KIBG and CenterOne employees designed the application in an Agile manner, resulting in a great achievement with a resounding result!

With the CRM software from CenterOne, KIBG is able to:

  • Issue and manage a quality mark, the Quality Mark Primary Mental Healthcare; approximately 400 providers carry this quality mark. Each year, providers undergo a registration and qualification process to be able to carry the mark.
  • Generate mirror reports; all quality mark holders receive at least one mirror report per year.
  • Organize meetings to connect parties (mental healthcare providers, insurers, and other stakeholders) with each other. By forming and supporting networks, they encourage and facilitate parties to take joint steps.
  • Relationship management with other parties involved in and around Primary Mental Healthcare, including healthcare insurers, IT suppliers, research agencies, and more.
  • Provide a helpdesk function where questions are asked via email and phone. These questions relate to the Quality Mark Primary Mental Healthcare. However, more and more questions are also being asked about meetings and questions that call upon the foundation's connecting function.