ProcessPro Live bij HHD

ProcessPro Live at HHD

#ProcessPro module Permits in production at #Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland! ProcessPro, within HHD known as Relieve, went live on July 1. It will handle the licensing process (RPA), incident reports and the complaints communication center processes. In less than 4 months time, a dedicated project team consisting of employees...
ProcessPro CRM live bij Stichting KIBG

ProcessPro CRM live at Stichting KIBG

The Foundation for Quality in Primary Mental Healthcare (KIBG) facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between progressive parties in the field of short-term generalist treatment within mental healthcare, to ensure that this care continually improves...
Schiphol WCA gaat naar Kermit

Schiphol WCA is moving to Kermit

The central permit tool Kermit (ProcessPro for Schiphol) has been operational for TVA and OVA Terminal permits for a year now. It's now time for the next step; WCA (permits for Airside, Landside and Cranes) will move to Kermit as of April 25th!
Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s

Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s

Is one of our valued WaterPro customers in the Netherlands. It's all about the water in East Groningen and Northeast Drenthe. They ensure clean and sufficient water, strong dikes that protect residents against flooding, and waterways that are easily navigable.