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Water Authorities 

Water economy, Strong dikes, Crisis control, Waterway management

Water Authorities rely on ProcessPro to execute their tasks efficiently

Regional Water Authorities

Water authorities have great responsibilities: they manage water levels, water quality, water barriers and locks, polder systems, issues with the flow of watercourses and drainage, water collection, flood and erosion prevention and provision of potable water, to name just a few.

This requires a pro-active approach that anticipates to the many challenges ahead. Organizing processes more efficiently, create up-to-date insights and at the same time save costs is more important than ever.

With many years of experience, we understand the world the water authorities operate in. ProcessPro solutions support the processes and complex tasks of water authorities so knowledge workers can handle more cases, more accurately, and faster.

ProcessPro solutions for Water Authorities

Main responsibilities of water boards include regulating water resources, purifying waste water, managing dykes and in some cases managing waterways and land roads. In addition, Water Boards are involved in license applications by citizens and companies.

These tasks have interfaces with other areas such as municipalities and other public authorities, so collaboration with clear communication and sharing information is important. And Water Authorities are involved in requests from and permits for civilians and companies as well.

ProcessPro supports the many tasks of water boards

Handling of license applications

Planned recurring and ad hoc inspections in the field

Inspection and registration of assets

Examples of ProcessPro modules voor Waterschappen:

Permits & Requests

Handling permits, notifications and requests for advice

Mobile App for Surveillance

Enables working on site, with all relevant information available online

Digital Measurement Calendar

Portal solution for periodic declaration of (measuring) values by taxable companies

Waterway inspection

Inspection, registration and handling process for quality assurance of waterways


Start to end dredging process of watercourses and waterways

Dike inspection

Inspection, registration and handling process for quality assurance of dikes

Municipalities & Environment Agencies

Licensing, Supervision and Enforcement

Crucial for the success of the Environment and Planning Act



Municipalities & Environment Agencies

The responsibility for the physical environment and the introduction of the new environmental law and DSO, require a new way of working and a rearrangement of processes and techniques.

In order to achieve the objectives of the Environmental Law, Licensing, a smooth and efficient Supervision and Enforcement (VTH) process plays an important role.

We closely monitor the developments in the market and participate in national consultation bodies, in order to better understand the requirements of municipalities and environmental services. To meet the latest standards our ProcessPro VTH system is updated regularly.

‘Common Ground’


The principals on which ProcessPro is based:

1.  ‘Haal centraal’ – store and access data centrally as much as possible
2.  ‘Linked-data architectuur’ – connect data sources and applications to retrieve and merge the information you need
3. In the design we separate the application, the data, and the processes as much as possible in order to be more flexible in the further development of our software

‘Haal Central API-specifications'

ProcessPro collects basic data directly from national registrations, including:

  • Basic registration Addresses and Buildings (BAG)
  • Basic Cadastral Register Kadaster (BRK)
  • Valuation of Real Estate (WOZ)
  • Basic Registration Persons (BRP)

‘Best of Breed’

We are capable of many things, but sometimes others have a better solution to support the process. We like to work with the best.
Because we specialize in system integration and links, we can build the best integrated ProcessPro solution in consultation with the customer


Optimale Samenwerking



Permit & License module



Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet


On behalf of municipalities and provinces, Environmental Services provide authorization, monitoring and enforcement services (VTH) in the field of pollution and ecology.
Some environmental services also perform tasks such as building and housing supervision or advice on energy or nature.

In carrying out these tasks, an environmental agency works closely with municipalities, but also with other partners in the process chain. Ideally, this is done from a single process-controlled system, and not through emails, attachments and shared folders.

The collaboration module in our ProcessPro VTH system provides these functionalities and goes beyond the collaboration tool provided by the national DSO team.


DSO connection with ConnectOne

The ProcessPro collaboration module is also available as a stand-alone module and is called ConnectOne. ConnectOne links any VTH/Case/DMS system to the DSO and provides a collaborative environment that greatly simplifies the management of requests and advice, including the associated stream of documents.

Examples of 
ProcessPro modules for
Municipalities & Environment Agencies

Permits & Requests

Handling permits, notifications and requests for advice


Optimal collaboration and data exchange between internal and external parties

Mobile App for Surveillance

Enables working on site, with all relevant information available online

Supervise & Enforce

Control lists, Enforcement Strategy, Intervention Matrix

Publication module

Publishes announcements and granted permits automatically to the Government site (DROP link)

Incidents & Reports

Registration of internal and external notifications for KCC or other departments

Spatial planning

Insight and registration of projects for external safety and spatial planning

Prioritization module

Automatic risk profile calculations of locations and objects to be checked

Land affaires

Registration of purchases and sales of lots, objects and contracts

Safety Regions

Prevent, combat, restore

The core tasks of Safety Regions
are executed with ProcessPro


Safety Regions

The core task of a Safety Region is to protect everyone who lives, works or stays in an area from (health) risks, disasters and crises. The three key words are:
Prevent, combat, restore

In order to prevent disasters and crises as much as possible, a Safety Region maps out the safety risks and takes preventive measures. After a crisis, measures are taken to restore society to normal as quickly as possible.

In carrying out its tasks, close cooperation will take place with various administrations and services in the fields of fire-fighting, disaster and crisis management, medical assistance, public order and security.

ProcessPro supports Safety Regions by offering ready-made solutions for Advisory, Risk-driven Monitoring and optimal cooperation with its chain partners.

For the Security Region Flevoland and Gooi-en Vechtstreek, in addition to the ProcessPro software solution, we also provide the necessary digital links for connection with OLO and in mid-2023 the connection to the DSO

Features of ProcessPro that meet the requirements of Safety Regions

In accordance to VeRa guidelines

Safety Region Reference Architecture

Risk-driven approach

Facilitates risk-driven monitoring and enforcement (customizable)

Hybride systeem

OLO connected & DSO production ready – receive requests and respond to advice requests

Government standards used

Reference model Municipalities

Information model ZTC and PDC (customizable)

SaaS solution

Enables working independent of location and time

Available for mobile devices as well (iOS and Android)

ProcessPro for Safety Regions

All functionalities of a fully flexed Permit, Monitoring & Enforcement system

Location oriented, with map layers, external map layers, and Goviewer (WFS/WMS AND WMTS)

Extensive collaboration functionalities to interact smoothly with government entities and with third parties; for OIN and non-OIN partners

Extensive work stock management

Flexible reporting and management information capabilities

Document and template creation

Automated workflows

Extensive search and filter functionalities

Annotation and editing files

Adjustments and provisioning by administrator

Integrates with Office 365

Connects with DMS systems and SharePoint


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