Who we are, What we do

Who we are, What we do

Opgericht in 2005, gespecialiseerd in dynamic case management.

CenterOne helpt haar klanten om werkprocessen te verbeteren en de productiviteit te verhogen door de inzet van het software platform ProcessPro. Onze standard software is modulair opgebouwd en ontworpen om te integreren met bestaande IT-oplossingen van klanten.

In essence our goal is to make work life easier by helping our customers optimize their work processes, improve efficiency and productivity, and make work more satisfying for employees. At the same time this allows our customers to deliver better services and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our software solution ProcessPro is the foundation that enables this. ProcessPro consists of standard modules and is designed to integrate with the customers existing IT solutions.

The ProcessPro modules are offered as a SaaS, either Cloud based or on premise, and offer innovative solutions for running everyday, often complex, core tasks. This ranges from licensing, monitoring and enforcement, calamities and incidents, CRM and customer contact applications to complex business processes and portal solutions to name a few.  veiligheidsregio’s, en private partijen zoals luchthavens, netwerk- en infrastructuur beheerders, asset managers en onderhoudsbedrijven. Sinds september 2023 zijn wij onderdeel van de Decos Technology Group. Door deze overname zijn we nog beter in staat om onze klanten in diverse domeinen te faciliteren bij digitaal, procesgericht werken.

Social Responsibility

CenterOne strives to be a profitable and socially responsible company. We treat all our contacts in a respectful, fair and equitable manner. We regularly support good causes in time and in money and encourage employees to be socially involved.

In addition, we calculate our CO2 footprint every year. Within the company, to reduce emissions, we make the use of electric and hybrid cars economically attractive. In addition, we offer our employees flexible working conditions, location and time independent.


We are a certified partner of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. We have a ‘best or breed’ philosophy which means that we work with companies that can offer the best partial solution within the total solution we deliver. We work closely with our customers and partners to implement the optimal ICT solutions tailored to your needs.


Development and innovation is a core value of our company. On the one hand it enables us to maintain a leading position in the market, and it allows us to advise our customers in achieving their IT transformation goals. 

We are supported by the WBSO; a government investment fund that stimulates research and technical innovations in business.


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