Managing complex processes with ease

Getting complex work done by combining intelligence, data and automation

With the ability to work in a structured way, with all required data at hand, with guidelines and rules to determine the next step, and the possibility to seamlessly collaborate and share information, any task or case can be handled more easily.

Getting complex work done by combining intelligence, data and automation

The ProcessPro platform is built to connect data, people, companies and any required component that eases your process and decision making. 

What gets connected depends on the specific type of cases you need to handle.

ProcessPro Architecture

ProcessPro is a modular cloud-based solution composed of standard building blocks as well as task-oriented modules, each with its specific functionality. Depending on the required process steps and tasks a case management solution is assembled that delivers the desired business outcome.



Standard Building Blocks

Examples of

Geo location & maps

Visualization and consultation of locations on maps



Insight in data and activities from every angle


Document Management

DMS and SharePoint integration



Work seamlessly with internal and external partners



Flexible process provisioning and customization


Communication tools

Work more eficiently with
Microsoft integration 

Search engine

Retrieve and combine information from any source


Mobile apps & Portals

Startingpoint of a case,
where data is collected



Task-Oriented Modules

Examples of

Permit granting

Handling permits, notifications and requests for advice


Supervise & Enforce

Control lists, Enforcement Strategy, Intervention Matrix


Incidents & Notifications

Registration of internal and external notifications for KCC or other departments


Optimal collaboration and data exchange between internal and external parties


Dike inspection

Inspection, registration and handling process for quality assurance of dikes


Waterway inspection

Inspection, registration and handling process for quality assurance of waterways



Start to end dredging process of watercourses and waterways


Spatial planning

Insight and registration of projects for external safety and spatial planning

Planning & control

Efficient and safe planning and execution of activities



Optimize and simplify relationship management

Land affaires

Registration of purchases and sales of lots, objects and contracts


Mobile working

Enables working on site, with all relevant information available online


Publication module

Automatic publication of announcements and granted licenses to the Government website


Prioritization module

Automatic risk profile calculations of locations and objects to be checked

Digital Measure Calendar

Portal solution for periodic declaration of (measuring) values by taxable companies



Taakgerichte modules ontwikkeld voor uw sepcifieke wensen


Standard where possible,
Tailored when needed.

The building blocks and modules, are the standard starting point and can be adapted to suit specific requirements. This modular approach makes ProcessPro easy to configure, easy to implement, and easy to adapt where needed over time.

Think big,
Start small.

Our modular architecture allows you to start with a small application and gradually expand the capabilities of the solution by adding more functionality using more building blocks.

Customers often take this agile approach and work with our team to further develop their decision-making processes. No need to step into an all-encompassing project with the complexity and risk of disrupting your ongoing operations.

Personalized dashboards

This is a view of the user's ability to create, organize and store their own dashboards. This information is compiled in real time from the various modules.

Location features

Various types of information such as granted permits, and surveillance and enforcement activities can be linked automatically to sites. A location is composed of a geometry that can be visualized via the integrated map view. Specific characteristics can be connected to the location such as address data or a link to cadastral objects on that location.

Map visualization

With the integrated map view in ProcessPro, the desired information will always be displayed in the correct context. The multiple map layers in the map view can retrieved either from ProcessPro, from other applications within the organization, or from external sources such as PDOK. By clicking on displayed geometries feature information can be retrieved. From there, the related information in ProcessPro can be accessed directly.

Organizational data

Companies, government organizations and branches have specific characteristics such as name, visit and correspondence address, registration number, telephone number and e-mail address. This data can be searched or updated via a link with the Basic Registration Trade Register. Different registrations can be linked to each other.

Permits, requests & notifications

This module enables the processing and registration of permits, notifications, advice requests and preliminary consultations. Within this module, requests are processed automatically and granted permits can be published automatically. The person handling the case is led through the process step by step and has all required information to make the decision at hand.

Supervision & enforcement

Within this module it is possible to generate and execute various types of controls and procedures, enforcement lists, standard letters, reports and recalls. The process procedures can be based on the National Enforcement Strategy (LHS). For this purpose the intervention matrix can be integrated into ProcessPro and can be altered to match with own procedures as desired.

Case Management Solutions.

Choose our SaaS platform for all cases

Companies that still manage their cases manually encounter operational challenges. Our cloud-based case management solution has many advantages over locally installed solutions, not to mention conventional spreadsheet-based case management systems.

The benefits of cloud-based

Cost efficiency & Ease of deployment


Applicable to all cloud technology and to ProcessPro Cloud as well: to deploy our solution, you do not have to bother about the cost of additional infrastructure or upgrading existing systems. 
We also manage the maintenance of servers and other costs associated with the required infrastructure.



We provide sophisticated security features and data encryption. All your case-associated data is backed up on multiple servers across multiple locations. Access level control also reduces the risks of employees making mistakes with their handling of sensitive case information.

Seamless Collaboration


Simultaneous access to the same case and all the details related to it enhances internal processes and team collaboration. All people involved in handling a case have access to real-time insight on the current state of the case at every given time.

Role-based acces


Although all case related data is accessible to all involved, you still want complete control over who can see what. Documents related to cases can be organized to only provide access to authorized users. Different levels of access can also be set for different categories of users. This way, users are only granted access on a need-to-know basis.

Access from anywhere


Case data stored on the ProcessPro cloud can be accessed from anywhere and from any approved device. This feature makes it easier to check case updates and manage cases from the field or anywhere. A particularly valuable feature given that remote work has become more of a norm than the exception in the current workspace.

Large data volumes


ProcessPro Cloud Case Management is built to make managing high volumes of data a lot more seamless. You get flexible access to the latest versions of files associated with cases and can organize them more seamlessly.

ProcessPro & ConnectOne

Foundation for interoperability and agility

Your existing IT environment contains valuable information. ProcessPro leverages the investment and intellectual capital you have made in your legacy systems and extends its value by extracting the required information from these sources.

To enable the free flow of information, connecting and integrating systems is key.

ConnectOne is the engine within ProcessPro that enables and manages system integration, data exchange and collaboration through API led solutions.

ConnectOne is an integral part of ProcessPro and can also be used as a stand-alone integration and collaboration tool.

Connects seamlessly with all your existing IT systems and retrieving relevant data from external sources as well as your legacy systems.

System independent and based on fully tested and proven API connections. An API-led integration which establishes a foundation for interoperability and agility.



'Digitaal Stelsel Omgevinswet'

System independent integration & collaboration

API-led OLO/DSO integration

ConnectOne is a generic SAAS solution which automatically process messages from OLO and DSO to existing VTH/Zaaksystemen.

It’s the solution for government entities that face challenges and could use some help getting connected to the DSO on time.

It follows official government API standards, such as the ‘Haal Central API-specificities’ (for BAG, BRK, WOZ and BRP).

It can handle permits, notifications, requests for advice and consultations.

No need to replace or modify you current VTH/Zaaksysteem since ConnectOne is placed in between the DSO and the VTH/Zaaksysteem and runs in the background. 

Collaboration Portal

ConnectOne comes with a user interface that allows for the transparent and simple orchestration of all communication, document exchange, and process flows with internal and external parties involved in the task at hand.

The ConnectOne collaboration portal is based on the Dutch Government facility callled 'Landelijk Voorziening samenwerking' but is more advanced in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

Even non-OIN holding entities can be provided access to collaborate; no more sending e-mails with attachments and loosing control.

Should a new VTH/Zaaksystem be acquired in the future, ConnectOne remains reusable and will continue to perform its integration and collaboration functions.

Benefits of ConnectOne:

1. DSO-connection
Specially designed to connect the DSO to all common VTH/jaw systems, DMS or SharePoint environments

2. Travel plug adapter
Creates an integration layer; see it as a Travel plug adapter. Connects your various applications in a flexible way. Add new and remove old applications easily without disrupting your IT environment.

3. Collaboration Portal
Built-in collaboration functionality to engage and communicate with chain partners, allowing documents and case data to be copied directly to and from the existing VTH/Case or DMS system

4. Optimal Control
Provides clear overviews of the details and status of requests, projects and collaborations

5. Hybrid Solution
Hybrid Solution: Retrieves requests from both OLO and DSO

6.  Proven Technology
DSO-LV tested and certified. With the benefits of a SaaS solution (implementation and maintenance)

7.  Common Ground
Aligned with the Common Ground philosophy: system independent and reusable, centralized data storage, best of bread


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