On 29 March 2018, CenterOne Group announces its new product strategy for WaterPro

Due to the high demand for new innovative software applications for process support, CenterOne Group from Zeist will now market its WaterPro software as ProcessPro. WaterPro and ProcessPro are standard software for process support and have been used for many years by water boards and major corporate clients such as Schiphol Netherlands.

Quote: Peter van der Schuyt/ Managing Director of CenterOne Group.
"By combining two product names, we are better able to align our product strategy and roadmap with the needs of our customers. From a rapidly changing work environment where chain partners are increasingly collaborating, we see a growing need for standard software components that can be easily and quickly used from the Cloud."

ProcessPro is modular and can be fully accessed from a secure Cloud. ProcessPro offers ready-to-use modules for licensing, enforcement and supervision, Inspection, Land Affairs, Planning, and Relationship Management.

ProcessPro integrates with document and case systems but provides users with more than just a file with documents. All phases with process steps of a process and relevant information are easily accessible for users. Geographic and administrative information is an integral part of this modern solution. ProcessPro has its own map application but also works with existing map solutions and GIS systems.

ProcessPro is developed according to open standards for linking external applications and data sources. By using an integrated process engine, ProcessPro is prepared for connection to the new environmental counter.

With the help of a separate module "Process Mining," customers are able to analyze processes better and faster in order to quickly implement the necessary process improvements within their own organization.