Environmental Law and ProcessPro
Our clients want to be able to connect ProcessPro to the Digital Environmental Law System (DSO) in a timely manner. We have therefore been working for some time to adjust our software so that our clients are ready for connection to the DSO well before 2021.

Standards now backward compatible!
The standards developed for the digital system have been backward compatible since 2019. This means that older versions of the standards will continue to be supported. The program "Getting started with the Environmental Law" makes the development direction definitive. We are therefore heading towards a 1.0 version of all standards.

Technical support
The program "Getting started with the Environmental Law" enables us as a supplier to use national support in 2019. Our consultants attend the developer knowledge sessions every quarter. During these sessions, digital system specialists assist our software developers with the use of the digital system APIs. We have already successfully completed the first tests with these APIs.

Interfaces of the system
The Digital Environmental Law System is complete when governments connect in 3 areas:

  • Linking to the national announcement and availability service (LVBB) to publish and make environmental documents available in the Viewer in the Environmental Portal.
  • Linking to the Environmental Portal to provide and manage applicable rules for question trees.
  • Linking to the Environmental Portal to receive permit applications and notifications.

We are currently working on all of the above topics and will approach our clients in mid-March to discuss a practical test. This is a good way for us and our clients to get to know the existing interfaces and standards of the national Environmental Law service. Together with our clients, we formulate a case and work it out. This way, we both gain knowledge and lay a good foundation for the use of ProcessPro with DSO in 2021.