London, United Kingdom - March 22, 2017 Interchange Group, a UK specialist in designing and implementing advanced technological solutions, has acquired CenterOne Group, a Dutch developer of standard software solutions that allow organizations to automate core tasks in a smart way.

Henk Pomper, CEO of Interchange Group, said, "We are constantly monitoring technological developments and new and promising solutions with the aim of ensuring that our customers can respond optimally to the digital age. CenterOne offers clear benefits for any organization looking for software to manage and optimize business processes."

The CenterOne team has built an excellent reputation by supporting organizations and their employees in efficiently designing and managing company-specific work processes, such as licensing, enforcement, and supervision.

The company has also developed an innovative and intuitive customer relationship management solution for optimizing relationship management for authorized employees and chain partners. Customer data can be easily edited via the web and specific organizational processes can be implemented quickly and easily.

"We have always focused on creating software to help customers better manage essential tasks and we are delighted to become part of the Interchange Group," said Peter van der Schuyt, CEO of CenterOne Group. "The international sales and marketing resources and the impressive customer base offer us the ideal opportunity to expand."

In addition to software and consulting, CenterOne also offers DronePoint, an innovative solution for inspecting objects, infrastructure, and inaccessible locations using drones. "Governments and companies that manage complex processes and infrastructure are looking for better ways to extract knowledge and insights from data," Pomper said. "Together with our partners, Interchange and CenterOne will form the ideal mix for offering essential, innovative, and practical solutions to our customers."

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