In November 2018, we started the implementation of ProcessPro for Hoogheemraadschap de Stichtse Rijnlanden in Houten.

The water board ensures safe dikes, dry feet and clean water. To carry out those tasks properly, rules are necessary. For example, a resident is not allowed to simply build something on the most important dike in the area, the Lekdijk. Or dump chemical waste in the water. Therefore, it is important that the rules are also enforced.

By using ProcessPro for the registration of agricultural and industrial businesses, the water board is better able to carry out enforcement and supervision.

Benefits for the water board include:

  • Time savings per file due to simple and unambiguous registration, process handling and planning within ProcessPro.
  • Quality improvement through data management within the structured environment of ProcessPro with a link to NHR (web services)
  • Better integral insight into companies, locations and subjects with current status
  • Better possibilities for geographical data presentation with your own GIS viewer but also with your existing (Arc)GIS information (GeoWeb)
  • Flexible setup of inspection lists per location, cluster with automatic (annual) planning
  • Automatic reporting and overviews using dashboards and standard overviews
  • Easy mobile work possible through the use of a standard app for enforcement and supervision


Initially, about 15 back-office users and 12 inspectors and enforcers will start working with ProcessPro in early 2019. This latter group mainly works at (outdoor) locations.

At the moment, an inventory is being conducted to determine the correct setup of ProcessPro locations, companies and inspection lists. The procedures based on the National Enforcement Strategy (LHS) are already available within ProcessPro as standard.