Making the Right decisions

In a complex process

Orchestrate complex business tasks with ProcessPro Dynamic Case Management and fundamentally change the way work gets done

Water Authorities

High water due to extreme rain, water shortage due to prolonged drought, maintain water quality, work sustainably and energy-neutral

Water Authorities perform important tasks that require efficient processes. Water Authorities rely on ProcessPro to support them

Municipalities & Environment Agencies


A hot topic in the Netherlands: the physical living environment and the implementation of the Environment and Planning Act!
Permit monitoring & enforcement is crucial to the success of the Environment and Planning Act

Safety Regions

Voorkomen, bestrijden en herstellen
The key tasks of Safety Region are executed using ProcessPro


We specialize in Dynamic Case Management solutions.

Dynamic case management is the orchestration of complex core business tasks so knowledge workers can make optimal decisions more effectively and efficiently:

Tasks where workflows are unstructured and less predictable

Tasks where data needs to be collected from various sources

Tasks where people need to interact, collaborate and share data

ProcessPro dynamic case management solutions allows

knowledge workers to manage their work…


A better understanding of a case leads to a faster resolution with less issues


Ensures work is performed in compliance with rules and regulations, sustainable and safe


Leads to greater employee productivity and higher customer satisfaction

We help knowledge workers make the right decision during a complex process and empower them to reach higher levels of performance.

Typical Customers & Tasks.

But not limited.


No matter the industry you are in, or the size of your company, you are faced with responsibilities which require specific tasks and processes.

Tasks and processes
we support typically fall into, but are not limited to, these categories

Typical customers that rely on ProcessPro to orchestrate work intelligently



responsible for planning and managing the physical environment



responsible for safety, quality and maintenance of infrastructure, sites and assets



that grant permits, supervise, and handle enforcement tasks

Some Examples.

To give you an idea.

Orchestration of airport maintenance

Schiphol Airport

Licensing, supervision and

Dutch Municipality

Managing damaged real
estate claims

Dutch Municipality

Annual inspection of

Water Authorities


Dynamic Case Management

ProcessPro by CenterOne supports the tasks of knowledgeworkers.
Hun werk volgt een gedefinieerd proces, maar taken en activiteiten tijdens dat proces kunnen onvoorspelbaar zijn en afhankelijk van specifieke en veranderende omstandigheden.

Structures the process

automates where possible and connects required data sources to facilitate well founded decision making

Guides the knowledge worker

through the process to ensure the right steps are taken, and nothing is overlooked

Provides clear insight

of all cases, the status, the people involved, the documents, actual results versus KPI’s

Getting complex work done by combining

Intelligence. Data. Automation. 

Companies need to get work done faster, and scale their operations for new market demands, 
no matter what challenges they may face. Getting the work done can be complicated when the process is complex. There's a lot to take into account.

Am I handling the case correctly? Am I making the right decision? Have I forgotten anything?

Register and qualify the case

Collect and capture all relevant facts and information to assess and qualify the case at hand

Collect all relevant information

You need access to different data sources and the ability to compare and cross reference information

Collaborate & share information

Consult with others and share information to determine and agree on the required next actions

Consult historical data for valuable insight

Understand what was done or agreed in the past in order to better assess the current situation

Stay in Control & Organized, Meet Deadlines

Clear visibility on the status of all cases, ensure nothing is overlooked, and create activity logs and audit trails

Comply with Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Ensure activities are executed compliant, safe and sustainable

Key features of the
ProcessPro solutions we build

ProcessPro dynamic case management is a software-based approach for handling the more complex daily business tasks, from initiation to resolution, all from one platform.

To perform tasks efficiently, knowledge
need to collect data from various sources and parse and summarize that data before they can decide which next action to take.


ProcessPro is composed of multiple standard building blocks. Depending on the required process steps and functionalities, a solution is configured that delivers you your desired business outcome.


Receive and assign tasks centrally to maintain control

Digitize paper-based

Geographic Information System
for more insight and control


Streamline processes through
automated workflows

Connect to DMS to improve
business productivity

360-degrees view of all cases and their status


Easier and transparent
communication and collaboration

Integrate with MS Office and other applications


Transparency, traceability and
regulatory compliance

It only works if it’s connected

System Integration
& Collaboration


API-led Solutions is our Area of Expertise

ProcessPro is designed to help you create new capabilities and unlock new opportunities by accessing, improving, and bringing data to the right people, processes and devices.

To enable the free flow of information, connecting and integrating systems is key. Through API led solutions ProcessPro connects seamlessly with applications, devices and data sources.

Connecting sources

Legacy Systems
Your legacy systems contain valuable information. ProcessPro leverages the investment and intellectual capital in your existing environment by integrating applications to retrieve the required data in real time for the case at hand. ProcessPro eliminates data silo’s and increases efficiency throughout the organization

External data sources
We retrieve relevant information from external sources through application integration or data integration

GIS data
We support many sources i.e., Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS), Esri ArcGIS REST API, Shapefiles, geodatabases


Web portals
Cases can start from requests or notifications coming through specifically designed web portals

Mobile devices
Incidents and observations reported by workers out in the field using a handheld mobile device


ConnectOne is the engine within ProcessPro that enables and manages system integration, data exchange, and collaboration through API led solutions.

The ProcessPro module ConnectOne is also available as a standalone module and is specifically designed to ensure the connection with the DSO for government organizations and to facilitate collaboration between chain partners.

Defining the Process.
Is an ongoing process.

Our approach

In Dynamic Case Management every case is different, and companies handle their cases and tasks in their own specific way. In some sectors pre-defined processes describe how cases must be handled. This leads to unity and efficiency.

The public sector is a good example where regulated case catalogues define the process to be followed, depending on the type of case at hand. This provides a blueprint on which the ProcessPro solution is developed.

We help customers automate and optimize case handling regardless of whether the process is clearly predefined or needs to be re-defined and tailored.

In 3 steps, using 3 efficient tools, we help you define, create, and optimize your desired solution.


Step 1: Process Exploration

Visualize, Assess, Improve & Document

The key to an effective and competitive organization lies with its people. Teams should be able to participate in modelling, analyzing and improving their own processes.

Engage Modeling is a great process exploration tool which visualizes and allows your team to collaborate and participate in the development and improvement of the process.


Step 2: Process Building

Blueprint for your ProcessPro solution

With ProcessBuilder the process modeling outcome of step 1 is translated into the desired ProcessPro blueprint.

The ProcessBuilder module sets up the processes, authorizations, workflows, decision trees, document templates, and all other required functionalities.

ProcessBuilder is also used to easily maintain or alter workflows and templates as required over time by the customer.


Step 3: Process Optimalization

Mining & Analysis

How is the process handled in real life? Through process mining, we provide you with objective information on whether your process is truly followed as prescribed.

By making your process transparent using the history data in your IT systems, we can speed up the process discovery phase and optimization process.


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